Friday, 8 May 2015

Beanies for Brain Cancer

Hi guys! So today my post is different. I have never posted anything on this topic though I should have. So, today this post will focus on being a community, supporting each other and showing that we care. Despite the fact that some of us may have beautiful lives there are many out there that are in need ,support or love. And plus who knows that we won't need these things one day.  
After Carrie Bickmore's Gold Logie speech, I realised the importance of spreading awareness for important things like cancer. I wanted to get involved and do my part, contribute and raise awareness to cancer, in this case brain cancer.
You too can join by taking a photo of yourself or anyone wearing a beanie and uploading it on a social media platform using the #beaniesforbraincancer. 
Its really that simple.
Let's try and get everyone involved. Word-of-mouth is the simplest way of raising awareness! Contributing to a cause does not only mean contribution through dollar value but can also involve raising awareness and volunteering. You never really know where life can take you or what can happen tomorrow. Cancer could get a hold of anyone and as result its really important to show your support.
This is a short post but an important one for me. I really hope that you guys enjoyed reading. Talk to you soon. 

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