Wednesday, 28 January 2015


How can it be summer in Australia without a day at the beach? Well, it is a must. So today my family and I caught the ferry to Manly from Circular Quay. The ferry ride was absolutely beautiful as the ocean was sparkling due to the sun rays.

Arriving at Manly, we first walked down the alleyway which is bordered by shops on each side. I had to pop into stores like sportsgirl, cotton on, and ripcurl. We also had to  stop by the little stands where handmade items along with paintings and jewellery were sold. It was like little bazar quite an authentic experience.


After moving on from here it was lovely to cross the road and watch the ocean. It was so calming and soothing.
Then we decided to make our way to the Shell Beach walkway. On our way we grabbed some coffee and cookies. At the peak of the walkway the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. Its definitely one of my favourite places

Walking back down we were extremely hungry. The best food of course to eat on a seaside is seafood. We had a great meal and headed back home
My outfit today was a simple denim shorts with a white net top and i wore a crop white singlet underneath. I brought a backpack with me which i think is the most comfy at the beach and wore simple havaianas.

Hope you enjoyed that post, do tell me what you think. Have you been to manly before? Do you like it? :) xxx

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The good old plaid

Let's talk about the plaid trend that has dominated the shirts, skirts and even pants. I personally love this trend and believe that  anyone can pull it off.  In this posts I have styled two plaid shirts to hopefully inspire you to try it and style it in your own way. I will also be linking similar ones to make it easier for you guys to find the pieces.

Style One:
  • Red-black plaid tie in-front shirt with a mini pencil skirt 
                                           $39                                                  $20 -currently on sale

Style Two:

  • Blue-white long-sleeved plaid shirt with a white tank top and black skinny jeans

                                     $19.00                                                             $12.95

As usually please tag me on instagram if you do recreate your own plaid combination. I would love to see them. Talk to you soon.

Links to similar pieces:
Black mini skirt
Red Plaid Shirt
Blue Plaid Shirt
Tank Top
Black skinny jeans

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Statement tops

Hello once again. I hope that summer is going great. It has been great to me so far. I’m once again back with a combination. The following combination is suitable to dress up or down. It consists of:
  • Simple black skater skirt with a silver zipper detail at the back (H&M)
  • Structured top-with a black neckline border, Moroccan inspired pattern, slightly cropped, zip detail on the back (ICE design)
  • Black wedged open-toe strap shoe (Rubi Shoes)
  • Black bag (H&M)

The main idea with this combination is to use the top as a statement. That is, while keeping everything else black, the structured top amps up the look. This was a combination that is both appropriate for daily activity and a night time event. Instead of the bag that I combined it with you can take a simple clutch and if desired replace the wedges with stilettos.

For those of you in the winter season, a pair thick tights along with a thick coat would be a convenient way of altering this outfit for the weather conditions.

I hope to see your comments on this post. To access the pieces in the outfit follow the links below. Talk to you soon.

Bag- Currently only available in store at H&M Macquarie Centre at Macquarie Park
Skater skirt- Currently only available in store at H&M Macquarie Centre at Macquarie Park

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Grounds of Alexandria

Hey there! This week I was quite active as it was my uni break. After hearing everyone rave about Grounds of Alexandria, I decided to go and see the place myself. At the entrance you are automatically shocked by the amount of people on the ground as Alexandria itself is quite a industrial spot. However, walking in you are introduced to a beautiful green garden where people are sat under grape vines and surrounded by beautiful, colourful flowers. Be ready for some awesome pictures that will hopefully convince you to visit this place.

The complete ground consists of  little cafes, flower shops, bakery, a fresh lemonade stand and restraunts. The place is well thought as it gives off a country and vintage vibe through the placement of old carts, stands, construction material and a little farm.

The cafes were pretty packed considering it was the weekday. Take-away was the best option! I, myself, brought the avocado smash which was bread with avocado spread, olive oil, ricotta cheese, chilli, tomato and mint. Personally speaking it was delicious. To accompany this, I had a cappuccino.

I think this place is pretty cool. I would suggest that you go there and hang out with your friends and family. Driving  would be the easiest and most convenient way to get there. However,  the train is also a good option. It's a ten minute walk from Green Square Station, Sydney.

By the way this is no way a sponsored review- just went there myself and decided to share my thoughts with you guys. Let me know if you guys like reviews like this which are not my usual posts. Talk to you soon.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mini Haul

H&M recently opened in Sydney and I couldn't help myself but go shopping as it is my favourite store. I have been to many H&M stores outside of Australia and been to the Melbourne one and was really happy that it was finally in Sydney at Macquarie Shopping Centre.

It is a relatively big store containing women on the first level and men and kids on the second level. The prices are pretty affordable. Despite my excitement with its arrival, the fitting room line is always extremely long and is a pain. 

I did end up buying this lovely chevron inspired dress. It has cut outs around the waist line  and the collar area. It's very light weight and well fitted. It's one of those dresses that can be dressed up or dressed down which is always a bonus and it's only $19.95 I obviously had to get it. 
The other piece I purchased was much like a bralet for $9.95. I also purchased a ring set and a bracelet. The rings consist of 11 gold rings altogether for $5.95. They're very simple and look so cute on. The bracelet is again a simple piece-gold chained with a triangle pendant for only $4.95. It just looked so elegant I had to get it.  
I do realise this isn't a big haul but I still still wanted to share with you guys what I brought as I am in love with all them. Let me know your thoughts and whether you like these kind of posts as it is my second haul post. Also if you have brought anything from H&M or brought the same things let me know!