Thursday, 28 May 2015

Style Inspiration

Yes I must admit I stalk too! But I mean let's be honest it doesn't count as stalking when things pop-up on your explore page. You involuntarily stalk. Don't you think? So, on my explore page appeared an 'outfit of the day' that I loved. I wanted to re-create it straight away. This outfit was of Buse Terim, a Turkish blogger, who now, I must admit I follow. There's countless reasons to why I follow her one of them being her style! I  fell in love with her sport chick style. She is able to pull off sneakers/trainers under any outfit-now that's real talent. So, after liking her ootd I ran to my wardrobe and put it together with the pieces I have at home. Okay, so it may not be exactly the same look but it was an inspiration.

The reason I love this combination is you can rock it to a formal event or just wear it on day to day basis, its very versatile.  Also, love the pop of colour through the use of scarf adding dimension to the outfit. As winter is rapidly approaching in Australia, this outfit is appropriate to layer up for more warmth. I hope you enjoyed this post as I had never posted something like this before.
Also, I will list where each item is from. Some of the pieces aren't recent purchases and are no longer sold at certain stores but I will link similar pieces so you can also create this look. Thank you for your time.

Accessing these items:
Blazer- Supre
Black tank top- Supre
Sand clock necklace- Equip
Pants- ICE
Shoes- Kmart
Handbag- H&M
Scarf- local boutique

Links to similar items:
Tank top

* First image of the post has been taken from Buse Terim's personal instagram account. I have no intention nor do I own this image in any way. 

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