Thursday, 30 April 2015

Going back to Jervis Bay

Okay! So here's the continuation of the post on Jervis Bay. I don't know if I portrayed my love for this place. If you are in Australia, or you are planning on coming you must go to Jervis Bay. You won't be disappointed rather you will see one of the jewels of this planet. The soft sand, the mysterious blue ocean and the war, welcoming community of this place is everything that makes it so beautiful and enjoyable.
As usual, I placed a photos below to let you get a sneak peek of what this place looks like. I hope my photography skills aren't too bad :)))

The view from our hotel room was mesmerising. It was literally to die for. What can I say I throughly enjoyed this place. 

While anchoring our residence on Huskisson Beach we travelled around.  During one of the days of our getaway we went to Currambene Creek, which is a museum. It is a place where you get to know about the history of Australia especially the bay itself. The Aboriginal art, the occasional kangaroos skipping by and the creek itself made it worthwhile to visit this place.

On our way back to Sydney, we stopped at a little cute town named Berry. Here, we walked around the little stores and enjoyed some coffee and delicious ice-cream. I went for salted caramel and lemon- awkward combination right? Anyway, this town is so adorable I can't even explain it. I would love to visit it again. 

After travelling a little further we stopped at Kiama. By now we were hungry. Let me be honest though, even if I wasn't hungry whenever I'm on the beachside I have to have fish 'n' chips. It a must! So we had fish 'n' chips and then continued our journey home. 

By the way, a side note, the fish 'n' chips was delicious! Thank you for reading this post I hoped you enjoyed it.  


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