Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Vogue Cafe

After countless Instagram pictures, and non-stop flow of positive reviews I just had to go to The Vogue Cafe. During the holidays my two cousins, sister and I decided to go bowling at Macquarie Centre.
Let me be honest here, when we were trying to find a place to have some snacks before anyone could say anything I dragged them to The Vogue Cafe. So before bowling we went.
If you have never heard of The Vogue Cafe (you must be outside of Sydney, because how?) brace yourself for some pictures thats gonna make you drool.

The Vogue Cafe is almost hidden within the shopping centre, level 2; around the corner from Myer near one of the car park entrances.The interior is absolutely to die for. Its almost rustic/vintage looking merged with modern. Its the perfect combination. The cafe itself contains seating both inside and outside. However,  if you go during lunch hour like we did you don't get much of a choice with seating as it was packed!

The crowd is totally understandable. The staff were very friendly and there was a good vibe in the atmosphere. Overall, it lived up to expectations and I will definitely go there again.

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