Friday, 19 June 2015

My sunglasses

Hey guys,

Since I am going away in a week (so damn excited!) and because Turkey is currently in summer I've been going through my sunglasses to decide which ones to take with me.
I don't have much of a collection but I did decide to show you guys what I do own.

Starting with my Quay Australia collection, I have four pairs.




My girl:

I also have another two pairs which I purchased from a boutique:



Lastly, the final pair that I own is one of the first ones I brought actually from a store at uni and its definitely one of my favs!

The reason that I have purchased so many sunglasses within a few months  is firstly I'm going away in a month to the northern hemisphere which means SUMMER=SUN=SUNNIES (alliteration at its best :))
Also I was never one of those people who are concerned with my face shape and what sunglasses suits my face or doesn't. I always believe that if you like it you can wear it! Why do you or me or anyone else have to put up with these rules of face shape or whatever.
Trust me if you like it and feel confident, that confidence will ooze out of you and you will rock those sunnies and no one will even notice if 'they match your face shape'.

This was not planned out as motivational post, but take what you want from it :)
Maybe for you its just a haul post, maybe a sunglasses collection post or the motivation you need to buy those sunglasses you always wanted.
Take care.

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