Saturday, 28 March 2015

San Churros

Australia has currently been experiencing extremely unpredictable weather. As a result, it is quite challenging to combine clothes appropriately as rain, hail, heat and wind can be experienced during various times of the day. Regardless I still rocked some shorts today :)
My friends and I decided to go out for some desserts and having these weather conditions in mind I decided to go with the following:
--> leather shorts  (H&M)
--> maroon polkadot crop top (Supre; I've had this top for a while)]
--> black strap wedge sandals (Ruby Shoes)
Living in Sydney, its inevitable San Churros is a must. I personally love San Churros mainly because I love churros and c'mon as long as chocolate is involved I'm going to like it. I mean look at the photos, I'm craving these as I write this post.


Overall it was a great day. I just wanted to share with you guys an outfit idea that you can recreate or just a place recommendation, hope you liked this short post.  Have you been to San Churros? What do you order? 

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