Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, must I say more?
It's probably one of the prettiest places on Earth. I love Bondi and I think anyone who has been there will agree with me.

Not only can you enjoy the sun and the sand but also the waves of the ocean which are amazing to both look at and splash around in. Also, if you love to surf, this is the place to be!

Bondi also has other facilities, there are coastal walks that you can enjoy. One of these walks goes towards Bronte and other towards Coogee (by the way both are scenic walks and are amazing). 
I walked the Bondi to Bronte route a few times and it is pretty amazing.  Its about 6km, and you can walk/run at your own pace.  It is very theraputic and the view is to die for.


After one of my recent coastal walks, I have had a brunch at Jo and Willy's Depot.  Its about two streets above the actual beach, in the corner of Brighton BLVD.
Here, I had marinated organic chicken ciabatta, walnut aioli, chill chutney, avocados and aioli (that one long name) along with a cappuccino. This without a doubt was probably one of the yummiest meals I have ever had.  

Their menu does not have a big variety but what they have is amazing. The others with me were also highly pleased with their meals.


Despite this,  I must say their coffee wasn't the best cup of cappucino I had, it was pretty cold so I couldn't enjoy it as much but it was busy so it could have been due to that.  
The staff are quick and friendly and I will definitely be going back there next time I am in Bondi and you should too.
This was my overall thought on my Bondi experience. Hope it was a good read!

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