Friday, 7 August 2015

Kız Kules

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Today we are going to travel to the iconic building in the middle of the Bosphorus  known as Kiz Kulesi or Maiden's Tower. There are a lot of stories and myths behind why it was built but the most common one goes something like this:

An emperor had a daughter and an oracle prophesied that she would be killed on her 18th birthday by a venomous snake.  To protect his daughter, the emperor built a tower in the middle of the Bosphorus away from any danger. The emperor would frequently visit his daughter and he was the only one allowed.

On princess's 18th birthday, her father gifted her with the best and most exotic fruits around as he was thrilled he had prevented the prophecy. However, as the princess reached into the basket, a venomous snake, hiding in the basket bites the princess and she dies in her fathers arms, just as the prophecy had stated.

Kiz Kulesi is now like a museum accompanied by a cafe and restaurant. It is well loved by both tourists and the locals. From Kiz Kulesi you have a 360 degree view of Istanbul. It is mesmerising. The interior of the building is spectacular and has a unique decor. The structure itself is pretty amazing. I definitely would recommend visiting it. Hope you enjoyed the pictures I took. 
P.s sorry for disappearing for a while. Unfortunately, I didn't have internet access everywhere on holiday which made blogging harder. I did constantly use Instagram so make sure you follow me there to keep updated :)

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