Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I recently went to Lid&Jars for brunch. Its a cafe right next to the Rhodes train station which makes the travelling very convenient for those who can't drive and the parking is no problem. Its a small, cute cafe with friendly staff and  a very chilled environment. The interior decor is industrial looking but with a modern twist containing brick walls, construction scaffolds and ladders-pretty cool if you ask me :)

The only downside would be the menu. There isn't a variety of food so picky eaters could struggle. However, the food that is provided is yummy and nicely presented. They have brightly coloured plates and drinks come in mason jars which is very trendy.
They specialise in serving quality Coffee Brothers brew. I can't say how well their coffee is as it was a hot day and I didn't get coffee.
My serving consisted of eggs with tomatoes, asparagus, ricotta cheese and mushrooms with pesto sauce. It was delicious! The portion was also quite large. 
The price range is appropriate, it isn't very expensive hence very ideal for students like me. 

The outfit I wore was pretty casual as it was a casual brunch. I wore a basic denim short with a maroon short-sleeved chiffon blouse. The blouse has black leather collars and a lace detail which start from about where the clavicle is to about just below the shoulders.

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