Sunday, 11 January 2015

Grounds of Alexandria

Hey there! This week I was quite active as it was my uni break. After hearing everyone rave about Grounds of Alexandria, I decided to go and see the place myself. At the entrance you are automatically shocked by the amount of people on the ground as Alexandria itself is quite a industrial spot. However, walking in you are introduced to a beautiful green garden where people are sat under grape vines and surrounded by beautiful, colourful flowers. Be ready for some awesome pictures that will hopefully convince you to visit this place.

The complete ground consists of  little cafes, flower shops, bakery, a fresh lemonade stand and restraunts. The place is well thought as it gives off a country and vintage vibe through the placement of old carts, stands, construction material and a little farm.

The cafes were pretty packed considering it was the weekday. Take-away was the best option! I, myself, brought the avocado smash which was bread with avocado spread, olive oil, ricotta cheese, chilli, tomato and mint. Personally speaking it was delicious. To accompany this, I had a cappuccino.

I think this place is pretty cool. I would suggest that you go there and hang out with your friends and family. Driving  would be the easiest and most convenient way to get there. However,  the train is also a good option. It's a ten minute walk from Green Square Station, Sydney.

By the way this is no way a sponsored review- just went there myself and decided to share my thoughts with you guys. Let me know if you guys like reviews like this which are not my usual posts. Talk to you soon.

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