Sunday, 14 December 2014



Hey everyone! I did quite a damage recently at H&M, Target and Rubi Shoes. I'm one of those people who only ever wears black skinny jeans other than my boyfriend jeans. So I wanted to change it up a bit and try something new and out of my comfort zone which is something I have been trying to do with my style. I picked up navy skinny jeans. Just for any curious ones I brought the super stretch high elasticity- slim jeans. This was my major purchase from H&M.

Due to my obsession with rings, I of course couldn't walk passed the rings at H&M especially since they were on sale. One of them is  a set of two midi rings and the other is a pack of ten rings which includes both ordinary rings and midi rings.

From Rubi Shoes I originally went in to buy some nice black heels preferably wedges that I can wear on an everyday basis. I decided on one and was about to buy it when the cashier informed me that one pair is $40 but two was $50.  So, I did what anyone would do and went back to grab something else. I didn't really like anything else. As a result, I grabbed the same shoe in beige.

Anyone who shops from Rubi shoes or any of their subsidiaries like Typo and Cotton On, will know that with your purchase you can get a tote bag for $2. I love these bags, they are a life saver. I usually carry one in my bag where ever I go so I picked up another one those. Most importantly, the purchase means a helping hand to the cotton on foundation.

My final stop was at Target. I didn't get much here but its always an essential stop for me. I picked up a sinful shine nail polish in the shade royal flush.The last thing I brought is a lip liner from essence. These are only $2 and I think they're pretty good for the price. The liner was in the shade cute pink.

These were all my purchases from that day. Let me know if you guys shop from these stores as well. Also, write down any recommendations for future blogs. Much love <3
* This is not a sponsored haul* 

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